Inspection Systems

Our line-up of inspection machines are second to none. We have a Modular platform that allows our customers the flexibility needed to change with the industry demands.

Our customers enjoy the ability to upgrade the same machine as new needs arise, our goal is to ensure our machines are readily adaptable to prevent the need to have specialized machines on your floor.

3D Profiling

Laser Inspection

Line Scan Applications

Our Technology Applications

Basic Vision

We use state of the art PC based vision systems. Our easy to use vision software built of the very capable and robust VPRO platform can handle any high speed inspections you need. We also provide fully capable LINE-SCAN units.

Eddy Current

Our Eddy current systems use only the best components with flexible probe designs. We take pride in the simplicity we offer with our eddy current designs. We offer both lift and spin or on dial spin checks. Whether you are looking for small cracks (large cracks also) heat treat testing or you need to check just the shank for an induction process, we can help.

360° Vision Inspect

We have worked extensively to help many customers handle defects that standard 2 dimensional inspections can not detect. We have the mechanical means to spin each part to achieve a true 360 degree inspection. If you need more speed we have deployed capable lensing techniques or multiple set ups to achieve the results our customers required when throughput was paramount.

Recess Checking

Our approach to recess checking is threefold. We provide carousel systems for high speeds, single point soft touch that can go hand and hand with eddy current and 360 degree inspections. If you need a positive force to help breakup webbing, our dual access servo design will be the way to go. Whatever your application we have the solution.

We Build On A Modular Platform

Our modular design will allow you to purchase additional technologies for the same platform at a later date.

Our experience has taught us that what is needed today may look different than what is needed next year. As customers demands changes, so can our machines.

Our Modular platforms allow you to add any of the other inspection technologies as you need them. Vision today can turn into Vision AND eddy current tomorrow. If a recess inspection is needed you can add this later too….same as 360 degree inspection.

When your not using any of the added technologies, they can be turned off. This allows you to have a fully flexible machine that specializes in what you need, when you need it. There is no need to wait for the right parts to sort anymore. This means no machine idle time and no wasted floor space.